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Published on February 2nd, 2016 | by Devendra


Vapor Flask DNA 40W V2 Review

Vapor Flask DNA 40W V2 Review Devendra
Build Quality
Battery Performance
Power Range
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Summary: Theres no doubting the build quality, however the high unit cost is likely to putt off even the hardiest of vapers.


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The design for the Vapor Flask DNA 40W V2 is certainly a little different but it is certainly not just for show. The curved, hip-flask design is incredibly comfortable to hold and the buttons and other physical features have been placed in order to maximise convenience as you use it. The screen sits at the top of the mod making it very easy to see as you vape and the buttons sit right near where your fingers (or thumb if you’re left handed) will rest.

But its looks would mean little without the performance to back it up. And there is enough to be getting along with. Sure, there are mods that will give you more power than 40W but the DNA chip that runs the show really makes up for that power gap. This chip gives the Vapor Flask DNA 40W V2 the all important temperature sensing ability that will reliably keep control over the heat generated by your coils. This feature is incredible and really works to keep vapour quality incredibly high each and every time.

In terms of more standard performance, the Vapor Flask DNA 40W V2 is solid and covers a pretty versatile range. It will fire anywhere between 1-40W and can run sub-ohm coils down to 0.3ohm. The results are impressive and very consistent and the temperature control really comes good at lower resistances. The lack of power is a little disappointing but it’s hard to complain about the results.

That being said, there are problems with the mod that could certainly put off the less experienced user. The Vapour Flask is compatible with 18650 batteries and these can be replaced when needed. However, the covers are screw caps that may need a coin or screwdriver to unscrew. The battery compartment itself is also slightly flawed as it can be a real struggle to get 18650s to actually fit inside. The design is really tight and a lot of brands either won’t fit or will need the stickers removed before they will. Thankfully, there is a USB charging port and the Vapor Flask has pass-through functionality, meaning you won’t be making regular battery changes anyway.

The other big sticking point is the price. This is not a cheap mod and when you consider the mods that can offer way more power and versatility for less you do find yourself asking why. The build quality and performance from the DNA 40 are exceptional, but the lack of power will be an issue for some and the battery problems could be for others. Normally, the performance would make the issues worth it. For this cost, it might be harder to ignore.

Prices From: 249.99

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