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Published on September 4th, 2014 | by adminREV

V2 E-Cigarette Review

V2 E-Cigarette Review adminREV

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Summary: A solid cigalike e-cigarette and excellent value for money. A good product if you're a first time trier.


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V2 Cigs UK is based in Peterborough, although the parent company is American, and is the third most popular in the USA by retail sales. The UK arm manufactures all its products in Britain, unlike many other companies who outsource production to the Far East. Domestic manufacture allows the company to keep a close eye on quality control. In this review, we’re taking a look at the V2 Cigs Economy Starter Kit.

This kit retails at £39.97, so it’s not the cheapest starter kit on the market. Yet it still offers good value for money by offering a comprehensive set of components and a good choice of flavours and strengths. The cheapest kits on the market tend to skimp on equipment and on options.

The V2 Cigs Economy Starter Kit comes with one battery, 10 cartridges, a USB charger, a wall adapter and a comprehensive user manual. Each cartridge is the equivalent of 20 tobacco cigarettes as smoked by an average smoker. This means you’re saving around £40 by buying this kit instead of conventional cigarettes, and savings will increase as you replace the cartridges while continuing to use the equipment provided by the kit.

The batteries and e-tips are sturdy and the packaging is robust, although you may not think it has the best design compared to other brands. For many, this will hardly be an important consideration with the factor of value for money far outweighing concerns about appearance. In fact, the e-cigarettes themselves look perfectly good, modelled on the look of a tobacco cigarette.

Your e-cigarettes are delivered by Royal Mail Tracked Delivery to anywhere in the UK at a cost of £3. Orders with a value higher than £57.99 are shipped for free.

The battery that comes with this starter kit should last for four to five hours for heavy vapers, while light use may see the battery lasting a full week. For the average smoker, a battery should easily get through a day of vaping, giving about 250 puffs. Charging takes about two hours using the wall plug adapter with the USB stick. Charging from a laptop will take a little longer.

Batteries come in a choice of five colours: black, white, blue, pink or stainless steel, all with blue LEDs at the end. These turn to red while the battery is charging and back to blue when it is fully charged.

You have a choice of a dozen cartridge flavours, one of the largest choices on the market at this price point. Options include Red Tobacco, Sahara Tobacco, Menthol and Coffee, a as well as the more unusual Cola, Grape and Mint Tea. The cartridges come in four nicotine strengths, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg and 24mg, and there’s also a zero nicotine option.

Even if you’ve never tried vaping before, you’ll find it no problem with the V2 Cigs e-cigarettes thanks to their efficient action. Just puff on the e-cigarette as you would a normal one, and you’ll get a satisfying hit of vapour which mimics closely the sensation of inhaling actual smoke.

V2 Cigs’ have a 14-day no quibble returns policy which offers a full refund if the goods are undamaged and in the original packaging. You can use up two of the cartridges in the kit and still qualify for the refund. Refunds are also offered for products that fail within 30 days of purchase.

Although it’s not the cheapest starter kit, it has several advantages including a good selection of cartridge flavours and strengths, as well as a generous number of cartridges. The one downside of this package is the inclusion of only one battery since most vapers like to use one battery while a second one is charging. Spare batteries are available, but are on the expensive side at £13.99 each for the cheapest.

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