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SALT Gold Rush Nic Salt Review

SALT Gold Rush Nic Salt Review adminREV
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Summary: Exotic and earthy, this spicy remix of loose-leaf tobacco is a unique take on a traditional flavour. Perfect for mouth to lung kits and tanks for intense flavour, high nic hit and mild throat hit.


Tobacco with a face lift

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The options available to transitioning smokers has been on the increase lately. With the invention of nic salts and a wider range of flavours, getting a high dose hit with great taste is far more accessible. While many vapers end up preferring fruit flavoured e-liquids, tobacco notes are always worth looking at too. SALT have released a whole range of fruit, menthol and drink based nic salt liquids as well as one tobacco flavour. Gold Rush is arguably the most unique flavour profile from this range and the one we’re reviewing today.

Like all nic salts, this one comes in a 10ml bottle in a 20mg strength with a 50:50 PG/VG ratio and the packaging is super minimalist by design. Gold Rush nic salt is a combination of smooth and earthy loose-leaf tobacco with spicy and nutty notes melded in. A very unique tobacco and the smell of it is sweeter than you’d expect from a traditional tobacco too. All this blends together to create a very exotic and earthy vape, reminiscent of a Cuban cigar but with a smoother flavour and mild throat hit thanks to the nic salt formulation.

This one is ideal for your favourite pod kit or mouth to lung tank (my recommendation would be something like any variation of the Nautilus tank). With a 50:50 ratio, it’s a little higher in PG than the likes of Element nic salts for example which makes it a little thinner in consistency but also a slightly higher throat hit. The nicotine hit is strong because of the formulation but the flavour is incredible. This one is worth trying even for those who prefer sweeter juices over tobacco. The initial notes are distinctly tobacco and the creaminess of nuts while the spices come through more on the exhale. Gold Rush is a complex and a unique take on a traditional flavour, SALT have done a great job on this one.

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