E-Cigarette Kit Reviews ROK Legend eGo e-cig

Published on September 23rd, 2014 | by adminREV

ROK Legend eGo E-Cigarette

ROK Legend eGo E-Cigarette adminREV

ROK Review Summary

Price - 50%
Build Quality - 52%
Vape Volume - 56%
Flavour - 40%
Shipping - 80%
Value for Money - 60%

Summary: Top quality product, excellent build quality and value for money!



User Rating: 4.7 (1 votes)

The ROK Legend E Cigarette package consists of one rechargeable battery, a 2.4ml capacity tankomiser and a USB recharger. The kit also comes with a set of instructions and arrives in a well-designed black cardboard box with professional looking graphics. ROK has an outstanding customer satisfaction level of 95%. This review is of the company’s refillable e-cigarette, the ROK Legend which costs £19.99.

The components are all built to a high standard and look like they’ve been designed to last. Once filled and ready to go, the e-cigarette will fit easily into a pocket or purse for convenient portability.

Orders made before 2pm from Monday to Thursday are despatched that same day and the company uses the Royal Mail First Class service to ship goods and they should arrive within three days. If you put an order in after 2pm on a Friday or over the weekend, it will be sent out on the following Monday. The delivery charge is £2.99 for orders worth less than £50, a charge that will apply to this kit. You could avoid delivery charges if you order other items such as e-liquid at the same time.

The ROK battery has a rating of 900 mAh, which in layman’s terms means it’s more powerful than many batteries supplied with e-cigarettes and therefore lasts longer in use after a full charge. For most vapers, it should easily last for a full day. This ROK battery is of the manual rather than the automatic type which means that you have to press a button to activate it, rather than simply puff on the e-cigarette.

The battery has a circular LED, a smart design touch, and this glows in different colours to tell you how much power you have left. The light shines green when the battery is fully charged, yellow when the charge has dropped to 55 percent and red when there’s just 25 percent left. This is a really handy feature, since you can avoid leaving home with a battery that’s soon to give out.

The battery also has a locking feature to avoid its being inadvertently switched on when it’s in your pocket. Simply press the button three times to lock and then three times again to unlock.

The tankomiser has a capacity of 2.4ml, so that it should last for a day’s vaping for the average smoker. The tankomiser mouthpiece also comes with a secure screw-on lid to keep it clean. Tankomisers will need replacing after about five refills, depending on your vaping habits.

With this e-cigarette, you choose your own e-liquid separately. These can be supplied by ROK which makes its own e-liquids in the UK, or from any other supplier. ROK has a selection of 15 flavours which cost £4.99 for a 10ml bottle. That amount of liquid is equivalent to about 100 tobacco cigarettes, creating a cash saving of around £30 to £35.

In use, the ROK Legend e cigarette is easy to draw on and delivers a satisfying amount of vapour, although of course performance can vary depending on the e-liquid you choose to use.

ROK’s warranty guarantees USB chargers for 12 months while batteries come with a 60-day warranty. Any defective goods should be reported to the company within seven days of receipt.

For vapers who want to choose the strength and flavour of their e-liquid, this kit makes a lot of sense. The kit is well-made and the clever LED battery–level indicator is a handy feature. Replacement components are reasonably priced with tankomisers costing £5.99 and batteries £13.99.

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