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Published on June 10th, 2019 | by Theo


Brand Review: Pacha Mama Salts

Brand Review: Pacha Mama Salts Theo
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Summary: The Pacha Mama Salts range will be very welcome for existing nicotine salt users, they offer excellent flavours in a range that will appeal to those who already enjoy fruit vapes but are looking for something new. They offer some of the best flavour in a pod system anywhere and it's clear that they have mixed these flavours specifically for that purpose.


Salty Pacha Mama

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The Pacha Mama name will be familiar to many vapers reading this. Starting life as a range of short fill e-liquids and a popular part of the Charlie’s Chalk Dust range, they’ve now turned their hand to creating a nicotine salt range with a wide range of fruit flavours, some of which are new to me. Blended to a 50/50 VG/PG mix, the new Salts range will be a welcome addition for all mouth to lung vapers and pod system users.

There’s a good selection of flavours in the range, so there should be something to suit most tastes. The Pacha Mama Salts range are available in 10mg and 20mg nicotine, I’m testing the 10mg flavours in the new Drag Nano kit from Voopoo. The flavours are: Sorbet, Star Fruit, Apple Tobacco, Fuji Apple, Honeydew Melon, Strawberry Watermelon and Icy Mango. What strikes me first is the simplification of the flavours compared to the short fills. I think they’ve made the right choice here, as pod systems often benefit from an uncomplicated profile.

Pacha Mama Fuji Apple and Apple Tobacco Nic Salts:

I started with the two apple flavours first: Fuji Apple and Apple Tobacco. Fuji Apple has a spicy, crisp sweetness and a realistic apple taste. I can’t honestly say I’ve eaten a Fuji apple before, I’m more of a Granny Smith guy, but this definitely has more of a red apple vibe. If you want a straight and delicious apple taste vape then this is pretty spot on. It has a good strength of flavour even in the little Nano kit. The Apple Tobacco also does what it says on the tin. The tobacco is medium in strength and has a nice honey roast effect. The apple here feels a little crisper than the Fuji, which compliments the tobacco really well.

Pacha Mama Strawberry Watermelon and Honeydew Melon Nic Salts:

Moving on to the two melon flavours, we have Strawberry Watermelon and Honeydew Melon. I’m a big fan of melon flavours in the summer months, they just seem to be the perfect all day vape on those hot sunny days. Trying the honeydew first this flavour was a bit of a revelation for me, the mixers have really captured that sweet and slightly floral taste of honeydew in a way I’d not experienced before. This is not a generic melon flavour, it’s authentic honeydew through and through. Strawberry Watermelon is a lighter and less potent taste. The strawberry is bright and fruity and the watermelon gives a genuinely juicy mouthfeel on the exhale. Overall it’s a very pleasant taste but it’s not quite what I usually look for in a flavour. This would be especially suited to someone who doesn’t enjoy really strong flavours and prefers a lighter, mellow fruit vape.

Pacha Mama Star Fruit Nic Salt:

Star fruit is a flavour I’ve never tried on it’s own. I’ve tasted it in fruit blends but I really wasn’t sure what to expect from Pacha Mama’s Starfruit. After vaping this for a whole day I’m still not sure how to describe it! Apple, pear, a little citrusy, a hint of something floral? To me it’s tastes quite similar to some tropical fruit mixes, so if you enjoy that type of vape I’m sure you would enjoy this too. The flavour has plenty of kick which surprised me a little. I can see this being really popular with anyone who’s looking for a solid, punchy fruit vape to carry around in a pod.

Pacha Mama Sorbet Nic Salt:

Next up is the intriguingly named Sorbet, the packaging was orange in colour so I was expecting an orange sorbet taste but in reality it’s more of a chilled pink lemonade flavour. I’m tasting raspberries and maybe a hint of strawberry in the background, blended with a delightfully fresh and cool lemonade. There’s a hint of menthol on the exhale that is neither unpleasant or overpowering. It  actually does a pretty good job of suggesting a slight ‘fizz’ to the lemonade, as well as adding a cool aftertaste. The flavour of Sorbet is very well balanced and as someone who usually stays away from anything with menthol in, it was probably the biggest surprise. I could see this becoming a favourite of mine and it would make a great vape to take down the beach or to the park on a day out.

Pacha Mama Icy Mango Nic Salt:

Icy Mango is the final flavour in this new Salt range and it delivers what you might expect. A delicious sweet and ripe mango along with a cool minty aftertaste. Mango works really well as a vape flavour and I always enjoy them. Pacha Mama Icy Mango is as good as any other mango on the market, if you are looking for a mango vape for your pod or starter kit you won’t go wrong here.

Overall conclusion:

The nicotine salts in these liquids provide a good nicotine strength for use in a small device. The nicotine hit from them is really good and I found the 10mg was comparable to the 12mg nicotine I usually vape. Being nicotine salts the throat hit is very mild which makes a very easy vape, but it did take me a while to get used to and it’s probably why I enjoyed the little kick from the menthol in the Sorbet. Of course they would be ideal for someone who enjoys a very smooth vape. Being a 50/50 blend the amount of vapour is moderate, although I found the Drag Nano was putting out more than enough for me and I found all the flavours satisfying.

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