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Juul Review

Juul Review adminREV
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After making waves over in its home country of America, the Juul has finally made it to the UK’s shores. The Juul is one of the most popular vapes in the States and for good reason – it’s a great entry level model for people looking to quit smoking. There are a lot of benefits to this pocket sized pod mod. At just 8.72cms long, it’s comparable in size to a conventional cigarette. The tight mouth to lung draw emulates the feel of smoking nicely, combined with the high nicotine pods the Juul satiates cravings in just a few drags too. This is a closed system vape, meaning the only pods you can use are the Juul pods in this device and they’re not refillable. While this does mean you’re somewhat limited, they do make for an incredibly convenient and fuss-free vape. When you run empty, just click a new pod into place and you’re good to go again.

The pods themselves are currently available in four flavours in the UK – Golden Tobacco, Mango Nectar, Glacier Mint and Royal Creme. The flavours stay true to form throughout their lifespan and you can expect a few hundred drags on them (or more, depending on your vaping style) before they run out. They do limit you somewhat as far as flavour, but if you’re a recent ex-smoker keeping it simple is probably best. They currently only come in one strength at 20mg, which is a high concentration to start on if you weren’t a heavy smoker. However, the nicotine used is a nic salt rather than freebase nicotine so has less of a harsh throat hit making for just the right balance when you’re starting out. They’re easy to use and, unlike pen vapes, you won’t need to change coils as the coil is set inside the pod itself. There’s no chance of dry hits either as once the pod runs dry, the Juul will no longer activate.

The battery is another clever piece of engineering in this pod vape. With a magnetic connector set into a USB port, you can charge your Juul over your lunch break – it slots right in and from empty recharged to full power in just under an hour. The in built battery also means you don’t need to worry about fiddling with these either.

All up, whilst it’s a little more expensive than some other pod vapes on the market with its closed system it gives a viable and simple alternative to ex-smokers trying to quit. The throat hit and nicotine buzz with its nic salt base is just right. Discreet and lightweight, it’s a convenient and effective way to start your vaping journey.

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