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Published on January 7th, 2019 | by adminREV


I VG Sweets Range Review

I VG Sweets Range Review adminREV
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Summary: A delightful mix of fruity and sweet bubblegum and candy inspired e-liquids. Nostalgic juices that pack a punch on flavour and vapour.


Candy you can vape

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This year, you’d be hard pressed to not have heard of I VG and their e-liquids, both short fills and nic salts. Founded in the UK, they have a huge variety of gourmet e-liquids with flavours ranging across the board. Today, I’ve got three flavours from their Sweets range – Bubblegum Millions, Blackcurrant Millions and Strawberry Millions. They’re all high VG (70%) and come in a 50ml short fill bottle. When testing them I used the usual set up – my Innokin Scion 2 tank and Geek Vape Nova mod at 72 watts.

I VG Bubblegum millions

Bubblegum Millions

I’ve tried (and loved) the Dinner Lady Bubble Trouble before. I was curious how the I VG counterpart would stack up. As soon as you pop open the top to mix in your nic shot in, you get hit with a waft of bubblegum. It’s super sweet and fruity so I had high hopes for the flavour payoff. Vaping it, it’s very similar to the Dinner Lady bubblegum. On the inhale you get the sweet and sugar notes of banana-strawberry bubblegum. On the exhale there’s the slightest minty note which is a nice touch. It’s easily an all day vape for me and I think was probably my favourite from the three I tried.

Strawberry Millions

Popping the cap off this one, you get a very jammy smelling strawberry. There’s a distinct candy note coming through with a slight tang to it. It’s not quite your usual strawberry, but lovely to vape on. It’s got a good, strong flavour to it and reminds me of chewy strawberry flavoured sweets – basically, it tastes exactly how you’d expect from the label on the bottle. The bottle also says there’s a bubblegum note which I didn’t personally notice was that heavy but it’s not lacking as a juice by any means without it.

Blackcurrant Millions

I’m a big fan of blackcurrant generally. It’s sweet without being sickly and has a tart edge to it. Like with Bubblegum Millions, I had high hopes for this one and it didn’t disappoint. It’s a very aromatic juice and you can pick the tangy notes as soon as you open the bottle. I’d just changed the coil when I vaped this one for the first time. After I’d properly broken the coil in, Blackcurrant Millions really came into its own. It’s got a the slightest tart edge to it, but still sweet and fruity with a hint of a bubblegum note. Even though it’s based on sweets, it’s still a very clean tasting vape. Sometimes single note simple flavours are best and this one really delivers.

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