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IVG Bubblegum Millions Nicotine Salt Review

IVG Bubblegum Millions Nicotine Salt Review adminREV
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Summary: Bubblegum Millions combines the same popular flavour with nic salts to create a sweet treat of an e-liquid for mouth to lung vapers. High flavour quality, high nic hit but gentle on your throat.


Bubblegum reinvented

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Another juice to get the nic salt treatment, Bubblegum Millions has proven to be an incredibly popular flavour with Sub Ohm vapers. Now in a 50:50 PG/VG ratio and a 20mg nicotine salt strength, this offering from IVG is designed for mouth to lung vapers who need that higher nicotine level. IVG are a UK based manufacturer but have grown massively in the last few years after their establishment in 2016.

So, how does the nicotine salt edition compare to the original? The regular formulation is 70 VG / 30 PG and typically a short fill you’d pop a nic shot into. The Bubblegum Millions nic salt carries a bit more of a throat hit with its higher PG level and provides that near instant nicotine hit which makes it a great option for recent quitters.

As far as the flavour goes, it’s as sweet as you’d expect of a bubblegum juice but not at all overly sickly. The fact it’s a 50:50 balance and in such a high strength will probably mean you’re not chugging through it like in a Sub Ohm device though so for most, you’ll probably take a while to get sick of it. The Bubblegum and sugary notes are noticeable throughout the inhale and exhale, and the exhale also carries a more refreshing note of just a touch of menthol. It gives just the slightest hint of cooling at the end which mostly just serves to enhance the bubblegum notes. It takes you straight back to the days of Hubba Bubba classic Bubblegum – it’s a nostalgic flavour for sure. The throat hit is pleasant and vapour production is surprisingly decent.

Ideal for lower powered mouth to lung devices, it’s great to see more flavour selections available for recent quitters in a nic salt formulation. Bubblegum Millions Nic Salt is satisfying, flavourful and had just the right amount of throat hit without being too harsh. Even if it’s not your next all day vape, it would be an ideal option to put in a refillable pod for a mouth to lung device so you can vape something sweeter after dinner.  

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