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Innokin Scion II Tank Review

Innokin Scion II Tank Review adminREV
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Summary: An incredibly smooth throat hit with super cloud production and outstanding flavour. This tank should be on any cloud chasers wishlist.


Low resistance, high power

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Innokin have released an updated version of their ever popular Scion tank with a few nifty little updates. It’s still got the same focus on great flavour and vapour production as well as high performance coils, but has had a face lift to make it just that little bit better. Starting off with the construction, it’s a fairly tall tank and has a 24mm diameter and the usual 510 connector, making it compatible with most mods without any overhang. It’s a very robust feeling design and its stainless steel composition makes it very hard wearing. The drip tip is wide bore and narrows towards the top, making for a very comfortable vape and enhances the cloud producing capability of the tank itself. You can also swap out the drip tip this time whereas in the original it was integrated to the top cap, so you can change it out for a different 810 drip tip if you want to.

In the original Scion, the top fill design was a screw off top whereas in the Scion 2 it’s a new slide top design. I like this a lot better than the design of other tanks. Unlike the SMOK or Vaporesso slide top design there’s no locking button and as it slides rather than swivels, it’s a smoother way to open it. The fact there’s no button sticking out makes the tank more sleek to look at and the widget inside seems to stick in place better this way. Sometimes swivel tops can warp the rubber widget and make closing/opening awkward but so far so good with the Scion 2. Inside the tank, the centre of the coil is kept sealed off so you can’t accidentally pour any e-liquid down the middle. It’s a great design especially considering the size of the coils and also reduces the chances of any spitback. At the base of the tank, the dual-airflow has also had a bit of an update. Now it’s a click rotation which allows for six airflow settings. It’s nice and firm to rotate and stays firmly closed when you want to store it in your bag, keeping the tank airflow nice and clean. It can be a little stiff when you first get the tank but after a week or so it settles into a nice level of resistance when you adjust it.

If you’re ordering the TPD version of this tank, there’s a little rubber plug sitting inside at the top which is designed to make it a 2ml capacity. You can actually open your tank up and remove this quite easily and it’ll go up to the full 3.5ml capacity which is great, especially as when you vape at higher wattages it can be a bit of a juice guzzler. Next, the coils are definitely worth a mention. The Scion coil that comes pre-installed in the tank is a 0.15 Ohm resistance which is suited for 60-110 watts. I usually vape around the 70-75 mark which gives you plenty of vapour, flavour and a nice cool vape. Cranking it up to 80-90 watts the flavour is a little stronger and vapour is warmer so regardless of how you like to vape I think this tank works with most styles. When I first used the Scion I didn’t prime the coil, I just left it to sit with juice in the tank for a good 15 minutes. Break in time is non-existent as I got great performance and flavour from the very first puff and have yet to ever have a dry hit. Even after a week and over a thousand puffs later I was still going on the first coil I’d put in with great results. The coils are a mesh design and they’re enormous, going right up to the edge of the glass with just enough space for your e-liquid to saturate them.

My only real criticisms of the Scion 2 is the coils proximity to the glass cylinder. If you’re chain vaping the glass can occasionally get a little warm which isn’t a terrible thing, but something to be aware of. You do get a spare glass cylinder in the kit if anything were to happen to the original. You can get an expander bubble for this tank but I feel it might make it a bit “clunky” so I found I just needed to check the heat of the glass now and again. The other thing is, it’s quite a top heavy tank so is definitely best combined with a fairly heavy duty mod of your vape might be more liable to topple over. Personally I combined it with the Geek Vape Nova and found it to be a great pairing.

When it comes to performance, the Scion 2 is fantastic. As mentioned there was no break in period with the coil and the flavour is exceptional no matter the juice. They also last a long time even when using coil-wrecking super sweet liquids. Vaping it at 75 watts gives incredible amounts of vapour so whilst it’s not exactly the most discreet vape by any means, it’s a lot of fun and incredibly satisfying to use. The draw on it is super smooth so is best suited for Sub Ohm vapers who like a lot of cloud, great flavour and next to no throat hit. The odd occasions that I did get a little bit of spit-back was only when I’d left it sitting around for a few hours or when I was vaping at a lower wattage. However, the number of times it happened was so negligible it’s almost not worth mentioning. Final verdict: the Scion 2 is a super all rounder Sub Ohm tank. Great flavour, serious amounts of vapour as well as long-lasting coils that are super easy to break in. Best suited for serious Sub Ohm vapers, the Scion 2 has been my favourite tank I’ve tried to date.

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