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Innokin RipTide Crios Vape Starter Kit Review

Innokin RipTide Crios Vape Starter Kit Review adminREV
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Summary: A powerful Sub Ohm pen with incredible battery life, a leak proof tank and and impressive amount of vapour. The RipTide is a great option for Sub Ohm vapers wanting a convenient and easy to use pen for on the go.


Making Sub Ohm waves

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One of the latest releases from Innokin, the RipTide packs a whole lot of power into a pen style vape with a low coil resistance of just 0.25 Ohms and 3000mAh battery. The design of this model has been thoroughly thought through. From the comfortable to hold rubberised grip and firing button, to the conveniently placed USB port on the back rather than the bottom of the device right down to the wave pattern detailing on the top of the battery. It’s surprisingly weighty to hold for a pen device but still small enough to easily slip into your pocket for day to day use.

The battery life on this pen is incredible, with LED lights indicating how much battery you have left it will easily last a day of fairly heavy vaping with no recharging. It does take a while to recharge when you do run low, but the hefty 68 watts of fixed output make it worth the wait and pass through capability mean you don’t need to stop using it while it’s plugged in. The tank on the RipTide is a 2ml capacity but despite the coils low resistance it’s actually very juice efficient. When you put the coil in, you really do need to prime it to get the best out of it as initial use can have a bit of a muted flavour. However, the design of these coils means they last a lot longer than some other low resistance options currently on the market. The top cap and drip tip are one piece, which isn’t a major issue but could be a problem if you dropped it and chipped the drip tip as you can’t replace it easily. A nice feature about this tank is the overlapping edge of the top cap covers the glass cylinder nicely and seems to be totally leak proof.

Adjustable airflow means you can close the tank down for a more restricted draw but with the vents open it’s a very airy flow and, despite the fact it’s a starter kit and fixed output, it creates an impressive amount of vapour too. Flavour is good though very reliant on a heavily primed coil. Ideal to use with higher VG juices, typically around the 70:30 to 80:20 mark is perfect for this device. The battery has the usual 510 connector making it compatible with other tanks too so you can keep using it while your coil is priming in the RipTide tank. Whilst it’s marketed as a starter kit, it’s a direct to lung style device that is probably better suited to those who have already tried a Sub Ohm vape pen before. It’s a great option for Sub Ohm vapers wanting something with some more power that’s also convenient to take on the go.

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