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Hexa Kit Review

Hexa Kit Review adminREV
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Vape Volume
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Summary: A great pocket vape with a simple and unique design. Perfect for MTL vapers looking for something to deliver high levels of nicotine.


Starter kit

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The Hexa is one of the latest pod kits on the market, and it’s already proving to be pretty popular. It’s discrete, sleek and lightweight so is ideal to slip in your pocket. The matte black aluminium casing is smooth, modern looking and fits comfortably into your hand without feeling cheap or plasicky. The battery life on it is decent as it’s a starter kit rather than a Sub Ohm model, containing a 350mAh internal battery, which is charged through a proprietary magnetic charger. Slightly less convenient than a USB charger port but with the amount of life you get out of it, it’s not a big issue. This combined with its ceramic coils and 2ml pods means you get a decent amount of use out of this nifty little kit before you’ll run out of battery. There’s an LED indicator on the pod itself which lights up when you inhale and also flashes when you’re low on battery.

Currently the pods come in four flavours – blueberry, tobacco, menthol and tobacco-menthol meaning they’re mainly targeted towards the ex-smoker market. Adding to the features making it an ideal model for new vapers making the transition, the pods have high nic delivery with a nic salt/freebase nicotine combination e-liquid. Whilst they’re not refillable, you get a decent amount out of a pod, around 400 puffs. The Hexa is a super easy to use design. It’s an inhale activated model, meaning no buttons to press and no way you can accidentally misfire it. With fixed airflow, it’s ideal for mouth-to-lung vapers. As mentioned, the coils are ceramic, meaning there’s reduced risk of dry hits and they last longer than their cotton counterparts. This one is a great vape for getting used to the mouth to lung technique if you’re coming off cigarettes.

They’d also be a great option for an extra vape for the car or heading out for the day for vapers who prefer something simple with a high nicotine delivery system.


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