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Geek Vape Nova 200W Mod Review

Geek Vape Nova 200W Mod Review adminREV
Build Quality
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Summary: A classic shaped mod with modern resin panels and exceptional output. Simple to use with high spec design and rapid firing power.


200W of pocketable power

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If you’re on the market for a high-powered box mod, Geek Vape have recently released the Nova 200W. Powered by two 18650 batteries, it’s a more traditional style box design with bevelled edges but features modern looking resin paneling on the sides. It’s pretty compact in size but packs a hell of a lot in. It has the usual wattage mode as well as temperature control, Bypass mode, support for different coil types and a 10 millisecond firing speed. On paper, it’s an impressive little package. So how does it actually perform?

Looking at the actual construction of the Nova to start with, it’s delivers the high spec, high quality you’d expect from Geek Vape. The resin panels have a beautiful swirled design with ridging and a satin finish that makes it comfortable to hold. The edges are of the mod are beveled and smooth. Though it’s a chunky little thing for small hands like mine it’s certainly not unwieldy by any means and is still small enough to carry comfortably for longer vaping sessions. The display is bright and easy to read and shows all your usual settings. In power mode you can see your wattage, coil resistance, voltage, amps and a puff counter. The buttons are spongy and responsive without being too loose when you’re firing the vape. When you remove the panel to change the batteries there’s a grove on the top corner to stick your nail under and the panel sits perfectly flush on the mod and looks very tidy. The magnets are impressively strong and the door doesn’t come loose easily even if you drop it off the edge of the coffee table like I have (more than once).

Geek Vape Nova 200W Mod

Inside the mod, there’s a ribbon to help hold your batteries in place. The terminals themselves are a little tight so you need to get the batteries on just the right angle to slip them in. The upside of this is (again) if you drop it like I do the batteries tend not to fall out. As far as weight, when the mod is empty, it’s incredibly light. With batteries, it has a comfortable heft to it without being cumbersome to carry in your bag (or pocket, if your pockets are large enough for that). Looking at the 510 connector, I combined the Nova with a 24mm tank which fit perfectly, anything larger would give you a bit of an overhang. When you’re screwing the atomiser in the threading is a little scratchy and can be difficult to line up perfectly first time but once it’s on, it sits perfectly.

As far as performance goes, I love this mod. The firing time is incredible and gave great results with any tank I paired it with. I typically vape at 70-75 watts daily the batteries comfortably lasted me an entire day before I needed to recharge. Considering I use this mod on its own all day, it’s pretty energy efficient too. When you’re changing modes or settings the user interface is easy to figure out, even if you aren’t inclined to read the instruction manual first. The Nova has resistance/coil recognition when you attach your atomiser which is a nice feature if you like to swap out tanks now and again. The number of safety features is another huge benefit of this mod. Reverse battery protection, over-heating and over-discharge protection make this a great option for those looking for something with a lot of power without having to step into unregulated mods or compromising on safety. All up, it’s a beautifully designed mod. It’s simple to use, has incredible output both in terms of power and firing time and it feels very high end to hold and vape on.

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