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Published on September 4th, 2014 | by adminREV

Gamucci E-Cigarette Starter Kit Review

Gamucci E-Cigarette Starter Kit Review adminREV

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Summary: One of the leading high street brands in terms of the cigalike product range, and it's easy to see why. Highly recommended.


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Established in 2007, Gamucci is an international operator with its headquarters in London and the company sells its products in 55 countries. A paper published in the academic journal Nicotine & Tobacco Research in 2013 found that Gamucci e-cigarettes ‘vaporise nicotine very effectively with about 70% of nicotine from the cartridge being delivered in the vapour and very consistently over 300 puffs’. Gamucci uses its own patented Vapercore technology in the manufacture of its e-cigarettes.

This review is about the Micro USB Starter Kit which retails from the company’s website at £9.99. The kit consists of one regular strength, original tobacco flavour cartomiser, one battery and a USB charger. The assembled e-cigarette looks very much like a conventional one since the e-tip is brown and the battery white, with a subtle Gamucci logo printed on it. The components come in sturdy packaging with slick graphics although there is no separate carry case included. The package has an instruction leaflet to get you started quickly.

The cartomiser in this kit will give the average smoker around 40 cigarettes-worth of smoking, so immediate savings are from £4 to £6 depending on what brand you usually smoke. Savings will increase quickly as you move on to buy more cartomisers which cost £6.99 for a pack of three, equivalent to six 20-packs of tobacco cigarettes. As you’d expect from such a large, well-established company, the components in this kit are flawlessly manufactured and fit together effortlessly.

If you order your kit from the Gamucci website before 2pm, your order is sent out that day via Royal Mail Recorded Next Day. Orders received after 2pm are shipped the next morning. Orders can be tracked on the Royal Mail website. Shipping costs £3.99, although free shipping is offered on orders worth more than £50.

With a full charge, this kit’s battery gives around 375 puffs, equivalent to about 40 tobacco cigarettes. The battery arrives with a full charge, and recharge time is approximately two hours. Batteries should last for about 300 recharge cycles before they need to be replaced.

Once you puff on the Gamucci e-cigarette, you’ll find it very responsive, with a good volume of vapour available to inhale without having to draw too hard. This makes the vaping experience very close to a conventional cigarette in terms of the feeling of inhaling. When you drag on the e-cigarette, the LED light at the end of the battery glows red, so there is some risk that the uninitiated may mistake this for a conventional cigarette.

This kit has only one flavour option, tobacco, and a single choice of strength, regular. This is a good starting point for the novice vaper, but you’ll find a much wider selection of choices if you start buying replacement cartomisers. There are eight flavour options available from Gamucci including coffee, cherry and menthol. Nicotine-strength choices are Ultra Light (0.6% nicotine), Light (1.1%), Regular (1.6%), Bold (2.2%) and Zero.

Gamucci offers a 12-month guarantee on its chargers and a limited one-month guarantee on its batteries. You can return your kit within seven days for any reason for a refund, but it must still be in its original packaging. If your goods arrive in a faulty condition, you have 30 days to return them for a refund or replacement.

The Gamucci Micro USB Starter Kit is a stylish, well-built product aimed firmly at the newcomer to vaping, and it does a good job of fulfilling that role. If you like the product once you’ve sampled it, you’ll find that Gamucci has a wide selection of flavour and strength options, and once you start buying cartomiser replacements, you’ll start to see really substantial savings over tobacco cigarettes.

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