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Dinner Lady Vapes – Straight Tobacco Review

Dinner Lady Vapes – Straight Tobacco Review adminREV
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Summary: Straight Tobacco does what it says on the tin. Provides an outstanding and well balanced tobacco flavour that ex-smokers and vape enthusiasts alike will love.


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When you think of Dinner Lady you’ll probably think of their sweet dessert range – especially their well loved Lemon Tart that’s consistently proven to be a firm fan favourite. As such, you might be surprised to see them bringing out a tobacco range. Their latest release, the 1111 range features four new and unique flavours blending different strains of tobacco with fruity or menthol notes. The one in the range we’re looking at is the re-branded Felon 11 – which has since been renamed Straight Tobacco.


This one is designed with the old school smoker in mind. Straight Tobacco combines three main notes together Kentucky leaves, burley and Virginia into a smooth and well rounded blend. The outcome is a traditional tobacco flavoured vape with complex notes and a slightly sweet after taste. It’s as smokey as you’d expect from such a tobacco heavy blend with an almost bitter feel followed by a pleasant lighter aftertaste on the exhale, not entirely dissimilar to a roll up cigarette. This juice gives a well-rounded vape, and for tobacco purists could be a strong contender for your next all day vape.

The blend of this one sits at 50/50 so is best suited to those who prefer mouth to lung vaping and using lower wattage devices. Ideal for someone making the transition from smoking to vaping as it’s a very authentic tobacco experience. The nicotine levels range from a lower level 3mg or 6mg all the way up to a 12mg and 18mg for those needing a higher hit. Currently only available in the 10ml bottles, this one is worth picking up if you’re a tobacco connoisseur and want to try something new from one of the UK’s favourite brands.  

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