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Dinner Lady Vapes – Lemon Tart Nic Salt Review

Dinner Lady Vapes – Lemon Tart Nic Salt Review adminREV
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Summary: A refreshing hit with the great flavour you'd expect from Dinner Lady Vapes.


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It looks like Lemon Tart, it tastes like Lemon Tart, but it’s a totally new experience. A firm favourite, UK based Dinner lady has released its latest offering. The same flavour you’d expect but this time it’s aimed at MTL vapers. The original formulation comes in a 70:30 VG/PG ratio, the nic salt version is a 50:50 in a super high dose 20mg nicotine strength. Designed more for getting that hit when you need it rather than being an all day vape, this one delivers all of that without compromising on flavour.


The beauty of nic salts is they deliver nicotine to your system faster, without missing out on flavour or giving you the harsh throat hit. Designed especially for low power devices, it’s an ideal juice for people who still need a high nicotine level but are bored of the usual range of generic tobacco or menthol flavours. If you’ve never tried the original Lemon Tart before, it’s a favourite for a reason. You get the sharp lemon notes on the inhale, and more of the pastry on the exhale. The nic salt solution makes this an incredibly smooth vape, sweet but not sickly it’s a flavour you’ll go back to again and again.

Pod vapes can be a bit bland on flavour as they’re much lower powered, but this blend gives you the nic hit you need, with the same zesty and impactful flavour you’ve come to expect from Dinner Lady.

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