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Dinner Lady Apple Sours Review

Dinner Lady Apple Sours Review adminREV
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Summary: A pocket-friendly 30ml bottle of sweet and sour goodness, Dinner Lady have outdone themselves with this flavour. Combining Granny Smith apples with a sugary note for a well-balanced vape that still gives you plenty of cloud.


Sweet & sour in a compact package

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It’s always a treat when Dinner Lady come out with a new range, their Lemon Tart is one of their most popular flavours (having also made it into a nic salt, which we reviewed here) but they’ve since diversified into non-dessert flavours too. Following on from the success of their Summer Holiday range, they’ve now cooked up the Tuck Shop selection of e-liquids. Comprised of a bunch of nostalgic flavours, they’re a collection of sweet and fruity liquids. For this review, we’re looking at Apple Sours.

This range is a bunch of dinky 25ml short fill bottles, with enough space to fit half a nic shot to mix to a 3mg strength. The bottles are quirky looking and reminiscent of highlighters with their bright colours and candy stripe packaging. Dinner Lady describe Apple Sours as a sweet apple finished with a punchy sour twist. Opening the bottle you certainly get the sour apple notes, this one is the usual and very popular 70:30 VG to PG ratio which is great for sub-Ohm vapers looking for a good balance of vapour and flavour. The bottle is a little stiff to squeeze but the narrow pipette is great to fit into the top of any tank.  

Upon vaping, there’s the same high flavour concentration we’ve come to expect from Dinner Lady though I’d say the notes that come through first are more a tart Granny Smith note than sweet apple. This is followed by a more sugary exhale, it’s a very well balanced juice that would appeal to fruit and sweet juice fans alike. It delivers on the candy shop vibe while still being refreshing enough to vape all day thanks to the more sour flavour of the green apple. Sometimes sweeter juices can get a bit heavy to vape a lot, not so with Apple Sours. The cloud production was impressive, without compromising on flavour which I put down to the 70/30 mix and gave very little throat hit even at higher wattages.

All in all, it’s a very satisfying vape that will keep sub-Ohm vapers happy, provides great flavour and in a more pocket friendly bottle. Tastes great straight away, no steeping or waiting period required. I mixed in my nicotine, left it a few minutes and was good to go. This one has proven to be useful for taking on the go or on a night out as 30mls is enough to keep you going a while without being bulky or leaky.

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