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Chicken Shop Clucking Hot Sauce – E-Liquid Review

Chicken Shop Clucking Hot Sauce – E-Liquid Review adminREV
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Summary: Not one for the feint hearted.


Cluckin Spicy

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Chicken Shop Clucking Hot Sauce is another one of the e-juices in the increasingly popular short fill format where the juice comes as zero-nicotine allowing you to add your own nicotine at the strength that best suits you.

This short fill e-liquid comes in a 200 ml bottle with two empty 60 ml unicorn bottles making it nice and easy to add a nicotine shot to the Clucking Hot Sauce or even to mix it with another juice to get your own bespoke cocktail.

It comes in a bright almost garish packaging which may well remind you of the box that your favourite chicken shop serves up a portion of spicy wings and fries in. The juice is a 30 to 70 PG/VG mix which makes it ideal for whipping up intense clouds of thick vapour.

The flavour here is a mixed fruit affair with a back taste of spicy aniseed. The fruits involved are lemon, orange and pear and the citrus tang of the first two combines nicely with the sweeter taste of the pear. Pears can be a divisive fruit – some folks love them, but others avoid them like the plague. If you’re in the latter camp, this is probably one to avoid. For the rest of us, the delicate pear flavour is a real bonus.

When you puff on this juice it’s the citrus notes that you’ll taste first, followed by the sweetness of the pear. The aniseed becomes apparent on the exhale but it doesn’t overpower the pleasant fragrance of the fruit. The juice definitely has a spicy aftertaste, but it’s subtle rather than overwhelming. It’s a good e-liquid for vaping at any time of day.

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