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Brand Review: Charlie’s Chalk Dust

Brand Review: Charlie’s Chalk Dust Theo
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Summary: Perfect for those looking for high quality short fill bottles from a long standing USA brand you can trust. The flavours work best in direct to lung, sub-ohm set ups where the higher power and larger coils really help bring out the individual notes.


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Charlie’s Chalk Dust have been around as long as I’ve been vaping and are one of the better known US liquid companies here in the UK. They have a solid reputation and have made some wonderful liquids in the past. I’d not tried anything from them in a while so I was pretty excited to try these three new flavours.

The flavours on test are King Bellman, Black ice and Aunt Meringue and they are available in zero nicotine 50ml short fill bottles and blended to 70% VG. For testing the flavour alone I just topped them up with VG and vaped them in my usual RDA with a single 0.4ohm clapton coil.

King Bellman Shortfill

Starting with King Bellman, it’s described as a brown sugar tobacco with vanilla cream. On the first inhale I was a little shocked because it’s very heavy on the brown sugar. If you are looking for a dry tobacco then you’ll need to look elsewhere. King Bellman is sweet and it does really capture that soft brown sugar taste. For me this can get a little sickly after a while, but for those with a sweet tooth it would really hit the spot. The vanilla cream seems to be there to blend and balance everything and add a nice smooth exhale, which it does very well. The tobacco comes across as a background note, it’s a nice taste and personally I would have preferred it a little more punchy.

King Bellman is perhaps the perfect tobacco vape for people that don’t usually like tobacco vapes and find them too strong and dry. This is more in the area of a sweet and savoury dessert, a dark and caramelised Demerara with a creamy vanilla note, infused with a hint of savoury and nutty tobacco. If that sounds like the kind of thing you’d be looking for, then I don’t think you would be disappointed. 

Black Ice Shortfill

Black Ice is a totally different beast, combining blackberry, cucumber and menthol. After coating the inside of my mouth with the sweet and rich King Bellman, I was pretty keen to move on to something lighter and a little more on the refreshing side of things. The biggest surprise here for me was the cucumber, which I was expecting to be somewhat overshadowed by the blackberry. I’m not sure how Charlie’s have managed to get such a subtle taste to hold its own in such strong company, but it really does. The menthol is pleasant too, I’m not a huge menthol fan but here it comes across a little more like a sprig of fresh mint. It really helps lift the fruit and add an authentic cool, fresh cucumber effect. This makes a nice contrast to the sweet, ripe blackberries and it gives a ‘yin and yang’ effect when vaping. I was experiencing a clear difference between the sweet fruity inhale and the cooler minty, cucumber exhale. It doesn’t every taste over-flavoured and for that reason I think it would make an exceptional, easy going, all day summer vape.

Aunt Meringue Shortfill

I was hoping that I’d saved the best until last with Aunt Meringue. It’s described as sliced apples, creamy meringue, baked over a golden fluffy crust. I’m a huge fan of lemon meringue pie vapes so I was quite excited to see how an apple meringue pie would measure up to some of my favourite e-liquids. Firstly the apple flavour is excellent. It has a nice sweetness and a subtle sharpness that is authentic to the crisp green apples you might bake in a pie. On the inhale it’s by far the most predominant flavour, and it is a very good apple flavour, so no complaints from me there. The baked crust and meringue appear under the apple on the exhale. The crust is quite light and helps create the idea that it’s a fluffy pastry rather than a thick heavy crust. It works really well to add some interest to the exhale, with the sweet meringue also lingering on the palate. If you like bakery and dessert vapes then this is up there with the best and I’m glad they didn’t complicate the profile with spices or cream. At its heart it’s a really good, solid apple vape with some sweetness and depth on the exhale.

Overall conclusion

All 3 of these flavours bring something unique and the 50ml short fill bottles provide vapers with good value, there’s enough room to add a 10ml nicotine shot if you wish which means you’ll end up with a 60ml bottle of 3mg, premium USA liquid at a price that’s hard to beat. The 70/30 blend gives great vapour production and all these flavours were very smooth with very little throat hit, if any at all. Overall I think the flavours are well balanced, especially the Black Ice, which I ended up enjoying the most even though it was the one I thought I would like the least. That just goes to show how flavours can surprise you sometimes when they are done exceptionally well.

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