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Brand Review: myBlu Intense Pods

Like many other brands in the past few months, Blu have released a range of nic salt pods for their popular myBlu e-cig. The myBlu kit is for mouth to lung vapers and like any pod kit is incredibly easy to set up and use making it a convenient option for taking on the go. Nic salts are designed to provide that higher nicotine hit without being too harsh on the throat. The Intense pods are also meant to deliver a better flavour while still catering to the entry level vaper market. The flavours in the range are Tobacco, Menthol, Blueberry and Strawberry Mint.

Tobacco is a distinctly strong, heavy and smokey flavour. Exactly as promised, it’s definitely intense. This one would be best for those who have come off a heavy smoking habit and want the near instant nicotine hit with a strong flavour pay off.

Menthol is a pleasant combination of menthol and peppermint, making it a pleasant alternative to menthol cigarettes. Incredibly smooth with a refreshing and cooling feeling on the exhale, it’s a nice alternative to those used to menthol cigarettes.

Strawberry Mint tastes exactly how you’d expect – a fruity hit followed by a cool exhale. My favourite out of the range, as with all the others you feel the nicotine hit quickly and strongly but it’s a flavour you can comfortably vape all day.

Finally, Blueberry is a satisfyingly fruity vape and another classic flavour in any line of “introductory” e-liquid flavours. Sweet and ever so slightly tart, fruit vapes have become more popular than tobacco flavours for new vapers for a reason.

All in all, these pods are a good option for recent smokers looking for something easy to use. They all provide a surprisingly decent amount of vapour, especially considering the modest sized design of the kit. Depending on whether you prefer a more discreet vape or not, this may be a bonus or a drawback. Another thing about these pods is, unlike a lot of other pod kits, they’re a 1.5ml capacity rather than 2ml. If you’re not a heavy vaper it mightn’t be such an issue but they do seem to empty out relatively quickly. There is sometimes a bit of spit back through them on the odd occasion but removing them from the battery and blowing through them will get rid of any excess sitting in the mouthpiece. The pod system is always going to be a hit for those who want something easy, convenient and able to deliver a high nic hit with minimal faff.

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