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Brand Review: Drippin’ Desserts Range

Carrying on from the previous review, this time we’re looking at the Desserts range from Drippin’ e-liquids, exclusive to Vape Superstore. Like the Candy range, the Desserts range features two carefully refined flavours designed for the sweet tooth vapers of the world. These liquids are made in the UK to a very high standard and come in 50ml bottles of a zero nicotine concentration. They have enough space for two 10ml nicotine shots so you can mix them up to a 3mg or 6mg concentration. The flavours in the Desserts range are Jello Custard Donut and Lemon, Lime Cream Waffle. I mixed them to a 3mg strength for this review.

Starting off with the Lemon, Lime Cream Waffle, this one smells rich and creamy as soon as you open the bottle to mix in your nic shot. The citrus isn’t overly obvious at all but you notice it more when you vape it. The creamy waffle is the main flavour that comes through on the inhale but it’s also accompanied by a refreshing hit from the lemon and lime. On the exhale you get the citrus notes much more. Rich without being too heavy, it’s a well rounded flavour profile that combines the more sugary notes with slightly sour fruit very well. It’s an incredibly well balanced vape juice that would appeal even to those who aren’t usually “dessert people”.

Next up, the Jello Custard Donut follows a similar principle, creating a rich donut base with a refreshing top note of tart and sweet raspberry jam. It smells exactly how you’d expect – the baked donut and sweet custard shine through and there’s the hint of raspberry to top it off. When you vape it, it’s a rich and moreish flavour with the raspberry balancing out the more buttery notes of the donut. Each note of this flavour is easily distinguishable, allowing you to enjoy it fully.

Both of these flavours are a 70:30 VG to PG ratio which gives you just a little throat hit, great flavour and a whole lot of vapour production. Both of these were vaped with a 0.15 Ohm resistance coil at 65 watts to test the flavour and vapour production as well as possible. Just like the Candy range, both of these flavours are very unusual but have struck just the right balance between rich, creamy and buttery and a little bit fresh.

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